SECRETLAB OMEGA Review 2020 Singapore – PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather

Before we start the 2020 Secretlab Omega Review 2020 Singapore, disclaimer that I purchase the chair from my own pocket money. My preference actually to buy the Batman version or Softweave fabric version but too bad during this time everything is out of stock and required about 1 – 2 months waiting time, so I ended up with the special edition: Dota!

As for today (21 June 2020) only the Overwatch and Dota 2 version is available and it’s a DLC. Means for the skin that you love you need to fork out additional SGD 29. let’s start with some quick FAQ here:


Which Secretlab chair to choose in Singapore?

TDLR: Softweave is the safest option, PU Leather will peal eventually.

If you read the forum, there are people swearing not to get the Secretlab chair at all for these 2 reasons: Leather starts pealing as fast as one year and bad customer service.

To be fair, the chair that has been complained so far is the previous 2019 version and before that, since then Secretlab has a new PU leather version which they claimed it has better durability and comes with default 3 years warranty + 2 years warranty (you need to post your chair picture in social media).

Still the safest choice for Singapore weather is the softweave version because PU leather will peal eventually and it can get hot sitting on a leather chair compared to Fabric.

Secretlab FAQ mentioned the following:

Ease of maintenance
PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather requires the occasional wipe-down to keep it in tip-top condition, but a slightly damp microfiber cloth should make quick work of dirt and light stains. On the other hand, while you don’t have to clean SoftWeave® fabric as often, it will take more effort to get stains out if it gets dirty.

Leather is more spill resistance but still my recommendation goes to fabric. because the ease of mainteneance of PU leather is just one side of the coin. if you see the after care for the PU leather you’ll agree with me that fabric is better:

note: I don’t have any choice during the Covid19 other than to order a leather version. The 5 years warranty also give me confident to go ahead with it. If I could really wait I’ll chose the softweave fabric 🙂

Is Secretlab chair comfortable to use?

Complaint from Jan 2020 from a user

Whether it’s comfortable or not it’s really depends on your body. I’ve been sitting on an expensive ergonomic chair in the office and I’m pretty small build with a large base is very difficult for me to get comfortable and sitting in a good ergonomic position.

My suggestion to you is to try the chair by yourself whether it’s good for you.

What do you need to consider: your weigth & height and your preference of the base.

Titan series, it comes with and internal lumbar support instead of a pillow in Omega series.

Which one is better? Secretlab vs APOL vs Noble vs Nitro

This one is hard for me to tell you, because I never try the rest of the chair but Secretlab finishing, details and stitching are very good.

Again my suggestion is to try and see those chair in person to justify whether the price difference and quality is to your liking.

I would avoid those cheap gaming chair under $100, not only gaming chair but all chair with the piston system for safety reason except there’s a clear warranty / safety instruction that has been documented.

How can I check which chair is available to buy?

Please go to the product -> View All and select the filter and choose availability “in stock”

I’ve a question.

Please use the contact form if you’ve any question, I will update this post and give you my honest feedback.

SECRETLAB OMEGA Review: Buying and Customer Service

Browsing the website and looking at the chair is easy and clear. There’s a free delivery during this time and I selected the same day delivery which I need to pay an extra $19.

I missed do to this same day express delivery when I order this around 3 pm on that day (cut off time is 5 pm) perhaps the slot was all taken. To be safe order this in the morning.

Contacted customer service twice: I asked whether there’s a possibility that the fabric comes early and why I cannot select same-day delivery even though the website shown the cut off time is 5 pm.

Both answered after 1 business day via Facebook but the answer is a “standard answer” and there’s is no human touch on it. Secretlab needs to learn how the customer service response from Amazon or Lazada. I might be biased here since I contacted them via Facebook perhaps you’ll get a different experience through their chat function in their web page.

SECRETLAB Omega Review: Unboxing

The box designed professionally and sturdy. it’s pretty big, so please take this into consideration if you asked them to leave it in front of your house when you are not around.

As I mentioned before that the 3+2 years warranty for the peel protection give me confident. I’m hoping that it will not peel before 5 years and even if that happened, I hope that the customer service is professional to handle the warranty.

The unboxing experience was great, I think Secretlab

has a world standard on its product in terms of the unboxing experience, feel and quality of the product, printing material and the way they designed the chair.

There’s also big instruction poster inside the box but I recommend that you watch the video instruction instead to make sure that you assemble it correctly.

Starting with the base and wheel.
Tools included really helpful and designed well
Magnetic cover.
halfway there.
You need at least 2 person to assemble this part well!


The arms rest adjustable in 3 positions, I would love if this can be customized in a certain height instead of only 3 positions. Same with the width instead of only 2 positions, it’s better if it can be customized.

Take a look at the stitches, there’s no misaligned and it’s pleasant in the eye.

The movement of the chair wheel was silent and smooth both in the marble or wooden floor.

I’ve been using this chair for more than 20 hours, I would say that this chair indeed comfortable. the seat is not too hard and not too soft just nice. It will get hot if you are sitting without your Air Con turned on.

The only complaint that the minimum chair height, I’m 167 cm and I’ve difficulties to put my feet flat on the floor if recline the chair a little bit and put my but further down the sit.

I have lower back pain and i fell it’s improved when I’m sitting on this chair at least for these few days. I do still have the pain but my back doesn’t feel that stiff anymore.

I need more time to test this out and take this with a pinch of salt at this moment. your experience may be different from mine as well.

Other than that it’s a beautiful and comfortable chair. I’m a satisfied customer so far. The build quality is great.

What I would do is that I will give a monthly update in terms of the leather and pillow quality, mechanical movement and ergonomic (does it help my posture and my lower back pain) and we will see whether their quality claim for the PU leather version 2.0 is really more durable than previous generation.

I’m expecting that it will not peel during the first 4 years because the version 2.0 is fourth time more durable as claimed by Secretlab. Time will tells

If you are interested to buy one you can head to their website directly. final tips: do ask your friend that own a secret chair before to give you their referral code (you’ll get $25 discount). Here is the details.

2020 SECRETLAB Gaming Chair Review Singapore - PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather


Good Build Quality and Comfortable, why not 5 Stars then? simply because we don’t know the durability of the PU leather version 2.0 yet. Of course rating could increase or decrease based on the durability of the chair. Rating last reviewed as 21 June 2020


  • Clear instruction video on how to assemble the chair 
  • Great build quality 
  • Comfortable chair not too soft and not too hard. 
  • Comfy lumbar support even thought it’s just pillow (inbuilt if it’s Titan series)
  • Nice design


  • Sitting on it for a prolong period of time in Singapore weather without Air Con
  • Electricity bill will increase … 
  • Durability not yet known

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