Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Spotify Speaker Review

The Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is one of the easiest ways to play music throughout your home, wirelessly including Spotify. BOSE SoundTouch 10 is the smallest Wi-Fi speaker in the SoundTouch family. it’s priced similar to the SONOS Play:1.

You can expand the SoundTouch family with another BOSE SoundTouch speaker. Once you have one, you can add more at anytime. They all work together. So as you go room to room, your music goes along with you. Use them to play the same music in every room or different music in different rooms.

I was looking to replace my LG Music Flow H3 (Wi-Fi Speaker) because I had issues with the App, it’s not user-friendly, it drains my phone battery and every time I need to reach out to my phone if I want to play music. the interface to play Spotify wasn’t that good as well in this speaker.

One of the criteria that I was looking at is that it needs to have an external control: on the speaker/remote. I don’t want to reach out to my phone every single time I want to pause or forward song.

Design & Build.

BOSE Soundtouch 10 it looks simple and clean, it could look a little bit boring compared to other Wi-Fi speakers such as SONOS for some people, but I don’t have any problem with it. For me personally, the speaker looks like BOSE trademark and classic.

The build quality is good, the front panel is covered by cloth and I imagine it will be pretty hard to clean when it gets dusty (update: it’s been a year and everything looks pretty much the same, I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to clean it from the dust)

Status LED in front of the panel tells you whether the speaker is connected to the Wi-Fi and the source of the music: Bluetooth, auxiliary or Wi-Fi. the Led is too small and only useful during setup, I’ll get easily lost on what the status means at times when a problem occurred.

The back panel provided the connection to a power cable, 3.5mm aux input and micro USB to set up the speaker with a computer. there’s also an exhaust port to let the air escape, helping the speaker to perform efficiently.

On top, the control button embedded on the top of the speaker is great! there’s a time I prefer to press these buttons to quickly turn on / off / select music without touching the app. Too bad that it doesn’t have the play / next button but don’t worry cause you can find it on the remote control.



App: There was a major change in the interface, instead of black now it’s a white themed.

Services available in Asia: Amazon music, Deezer, SiriusXM, Spotify, music library on NAS, music from the library. much less compared in the US.

There’s a TuneIn or free internet radio service from all over the world and you can easily assign that to one of the six preset. You can assign your favorite music to six presets and you can assign it to different services e.g 1 = playlist from Spotify, 2 = internet radio.

You can use the App to do a Firmware upgrade, pretty straightforward and so far (3-4 times) I didn’t have any issue during the firmware update. It’s a better option than doing that from the PC.? I would say that the App is simple, well build and responsive.

One improvement that they can consider is to put the preset option in the left menu as well instead of just an icon in the top right.

BOSE Soundtouch 10 offers connection to your wireless connection and Bluetooth as well, this is pretty important especially if your guest want to share something from their phone. There’s also a standard 3.5mm audio input.


A reasonable amount of bass at medium volume, drive it up to the corner and you can hear the distortion. I would say that the bass is not performing really well and could be improved to give much more deeper, precise without distortion and impactful bass.

The vocal of the Musician performed well most of the time, I feel that sometimes that the mid sounded laid back. Perhaps because it’s mono, it can’t really deliver the dynamic and sounded like there’s no music separation and muffled.

The treble is pretty okay, the treble helps to bring out a little bit of the overall sound cause the BOSE Soundtouch 10 sound is leaning towards the warm side.


sound quality is okay, nothing special. It’s perfect for casual listening, the sound signature is warm and it’s pretty easy and comfortable to listen to.

The BOSE Soundtouch 10 looks small but it can deliver a pretty decent sound in a small to a medium-sized room. Just beware that you’ll hear distortion if you bring the volume to max.

A first-time buyer will perfectly happy with this small little speaker if you like the BOSE sound signature. If you think that this mono speaker is not good enough maybe you can consider to buy another one and make it stereo.

The extra connectivity such as Bluetooth is great if you want to play some YouTube/ video/games from your phone. The 3.5mm jack is pretty useful if you want to hook your TV / portable player into the BOSE Soundtouch 10.

I like the flexibility of BOSE sound touch 10 especially the ability to turn on music without the need of the App through the control buttons / remote control.

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Spotify Speaker Review
  • Build & Design
  • Features


I like the flexibility of BOSE sound touch 10 especially the ability to turn on music without the need of the App through the physical control buttons / remote control.


  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux.
  • Touch Control on the speaker and remote control


  • Sound distortion near the max volume.
  • Paid subscription needed for the music services (e.g Spotify Premium, free doesn’t work)
  • Mono speaker (you can do a Stereo pairing with another BOSE touch 10)

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