CanJam Experience – Singapore 2019

CanJam is coming to your area but you are indecisive, wondering whether you should go or not, whether spending some $$$ and time is worth it? unboxbear present the CanJam Experience in Singapore 2019 and what you can get out of it.

I had a limited time today because of the commitment. in Total I spent 3 hours before I was chased out. just kidding, no one chases me out and thank you for lime Ears, Fir Audio and AAW for talking to me even though it’s already past 7 PM where most of the booth has gone.

#1 CanJam Experience: Audition

Vision Ear Erlkonig & Elysium

That’s the obvious first benefit that you can get! perhaps your local store doesn’t have a sample unit you can try. CanJam is a great place to do audition and they do bring a lot of units for you to try, even their new – to be released soon unit like Vision Ears Elysium, Final Audio B series earphone (that’s not even listed in their website yet)

Final Audio – B series

The first question that I often said is “Hi there, which one is your flagship earphone / headphone / DAP?” normally they do have more than one unit to try out so you can take your time to listen to them (except if there’s really a long queue).

AudioFly Flagship: AF1120 pro
Focal Audio: Stellia

#2 CanJam Experience: Company Presence


What’s the most burning question that you’ve? why the company created IEM with only 2 pins, why it was designed in such a way? anything you can throw them with your burning question.

Knowledgeable people are in the house folks! have you ever visited a store and ask a simple question and the salesperson couldn’t answer your question? not in CanJam, I enjoyed talking to them, really. they have a deep understanding of the company and product with a good technical background. you’ll also able to meet (not all the time) with their marketing manager, design team, etc.

Audio 64, Music Sanctuary, FIR Audio

They are more than welcome whenever you give them feedback about their product whether it’s good and bad. I could sense that they also want to know how we as a customer view and experience their product.

#3 CanJam Experience: Meet with fellow Audiophile

Effect Audio, Jomo Audio

Don’t only listen, say hi to the person next to you. I was surprise to meet someone from Sabah (Malaysia), and Indonesia that they come and be here to join the CanJam in Singapore.

I had a pretty interesting conversation with someone about the Electrostatic driver and the other about the Audio market in Japan. Just talking with people around you broaden your experience. So even if no one wants to join you (like my situation) don’t be afraid to come and make new friends.

#4 CanJam Experience: Seminar

There were 3 seminars today at CanJam Singapore 2019. An interesting topic like why headphone measurement matters and why they sometimes don’t, the level of precision needed to measure today’s headphone and IEM. the other is about how the prestigious company with great R&D and technology are abundant in our industry and their secret to getting news of their breakthroughs out in our uber-connected world.

The seminars may not related to your daily work or perhaps doesn’t interest you that much but you’ll get an insight into something new and that alone is a great benefit that can compliment your experience.

#5 CanJam Experience: Discount and Lucky Draw

lucky draw, lucky draw, lucky draw. You may come back home with a free custom in-ear monitoring from 64 Audio, isn’t that amazing? the good news the changes a little bit higher compared to joining the lucky draw on the Internet.

Astell & Kern up to 10% off at CanJam

Most of the company has a special discount during the CanJam so if you’ve been eyeing on something, it may worth to wait till CanJam. e.g RHA and FiiO giving 15% discount, Astell & Kern 10%, AAW and FLC 20% off.


So that’s the five benefits that you can get from the CanJam. I just wish I had more time to do the audition and talk about their interesting product. If you are thinking whether to attend one or two days, go for one day if you’ve a specific target in mind and have a limited target. Two days if you want to enjoy fully (including the seminar).

Oh and do check in advance their lucky draw timing, some of the booths will collect your info and inform you after the show if you’ve won, others have specific draw timing.

This post is not sponsored by CanJam. it’s fully 100% my honest opinion. See you again CanJam Singapore in 2020.

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