Cobble Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

Are you looking for a truly wireless earphone without any cable? Cobble Pro Wireless earphone might be the one. This is the review for the Cobble Pro Wireless Bluetooth earphone v4.1.

When I received Cobble Pro Wireless Earphone v4.1, I’m quite surprised at how small the packaging is. I was suspecting that they?ve sent me only the earphone without the charging box. I would say well done to Cobble for removing unnecessary things and made the packaging as compact as possible.

On the back of the packaging, you can see the product feature of the earphone.

What’s In The Box?

The box itself only measured about 8cm x 7.5cm, included in the box:

  • Thank you card – yes this is wider than the box itself, I would appreciate if this can be made and fitted nicely within the box, it will certainly add a greater experience unboxing the cobble pro.
  • User manual – the manual explains how to operate the unit pretty well.
  • Charging case – It?s pretty small measured at 9.5mm x 45mm x 28.2mm but packs 1300 mAh battery inside to charge the earphone and it can be used as a power bank for your other device.
  • Short USB cable – short charging cable with Cobble logo on each of the side.
  • Two extra tips or earbuds (same size)


The charging case is small and compact, It can fit into my pocket and small enough to be held by one hand. The outer layer made from synthetic material feels like leather. the charging cable is very short, It’s a good decision to include a short cable since I can always use other USB cable if I need a longer cable.

To charge the case, you could open the cover a little bit exposing the ports without opening the whole case. It has a small led that will blink red if you are charging the case when the casing is full it will light a permanent red. It will turn blue when the casing is charging the earphone or another device. yup this casing with 1300 mAh could charge your other device as well.

It?s better if Cobble includes at least 3 different sizing of buds. It?s been standard nowadays as a good seal is one of the most important factors in the earphone?s sound quality. I’m fortunate enough that the single size tips are good enough for my ear and providing a good seal.


Build and Quality.

The earphone made from plastic, the inner part facing the ear made from matte Color plastic with Cobble logo and R/L to identify right or left earphone. The outer part away from the ear is a glossy plastic with a sparkling imprint.

Between the glossy and matte part, there?s a gap, after using it for few days It starts to get dirty. I would love to see a seamless design in this part so dirt and dust will not stick over here. Quality also needs to be improved over here, the gap is wider on the left side compared to the right. Overall it still feels good and with the matte color, plastic feels premium and solid. I think it will be great if they can come out with all matte color option in the future.


There?s also inbuilt blue and red led behind it. Red color while charging, pulsating blue while connected to a phone. I don?t think the pulsating blue is important, It?s good if there?s an option to turn this off.

On the top of each earphone, there’s a single button to do multiple operations starting from turning off the device, playback control and turning off the Cobble Pro wireless Bluetooth earphone. To turn it on, you need to press and hold about 4 seconds until you hear the sound “Power On”, after that the two earphones will connect each other and you’ll hear the notification “Connected, left channel, right channel”. If you’ve paired your device with the earphone, it will automatically pair back and Cobble will announce “Sound connected”. Even though the whole process doesn’t take more than 1 minute but it will be great if the earphone on automatically once you take it out from the casing.

The multi-functional button during playback control in this way:

  • Right earphone: single press (play/pause), double press (Vol up), long Press (Next Track)
  • Left earphone: single press (play/pause), double press (Vol down), long Press (Previous Track)

During call:

  • R/L earphone: single press (Pickup call), long press (Reject Call)

Now this is funny, to turn it off you need to do an extended long press, if you are playing music and want to turn it off, it will activate the next track operation first before it’s finally turning itself off. Turning off either the left or right earphone will automatically shut down the other piece as well.

The fit is great in my ear. it’s non-bulky, quite attractive with its round design and comfortable enough. Even though Cobble only provides with single size tips but good enough for my ear and providing a good seal. Cobble mentioned that this earphone is a sweat-proof design which is great for exercise. I did a cross training workout and it did a great job, it stayed on my ear all the way through.

I hope that the charging port (facing the ear) it’s a sweat resistance too to since Cobble mentioned this “Dirt and sweat may interfere with the sensitivity of the charging contact points on the earbuds, it is recommended you wipe the affected area before charging again.”

Connectivity & Feature

According to the specification, the coverage range is 10 meters. The testing confirmed that the range is indeed 10 meters (even behind the wall/door), it does provide a good coverage while walking around in the house listening to music or talking with someone without the need to bring along your phone.

In a busy environment like in the train station or bus, never once that the connection drop on me. however, the right earphone stopped working twice in a certain condition like when you left the earphone idle for a quite some time or when you switch application.

The battery life is average, it can last you up to 3.5 hours in a single go. This is fine for me, I normally listen to music between commute which takes about 1.5 hours. The casing provides another 26 hours of battery life.


On each side, there?s one Neodymium magnet driver with graphene composite diaphragm. Graphene is ideal to build a lightweight.

One thing that I notice is perhaps the lack of the power output, to get an acceptable sound from bass to treble, outside of the house I need to use 90% -100% of volume from iPhone X.

The sound signature is towards warm tonality. Playing Bohemian Rhapsody and paint it black reveals the lack of details and separation. Sometimes you feel that the music sound distant, it sounded like the placement of the driver is a little bit too deep at the back compared to the usual placement.


There’s quantity in the bass but it lacks the quality. A song like Love Lockdown sounded boomy but distorted and muddy, especially at 2:00 the music become overwhelmed. On the other hand, if I’m not listening too analytically I can still enjoy pop songs like lonely together (feat Rita Ora) and We light forever up (Benny Benassi) and it’s perfect for exercise for that extra energy from the bass.


The mid has a forward presentation, it’s okay if you hear songs with one or even two people singing in the mid but as you listen to a complicated piece of music like classical or chorus, as the volume raises, the sound become hard and unpleasantly mixed.


I feel that the treble sometimes buried, a good example is listening to Theme from Jurassic Park (John Williams). lack of details in this range also is one of the drawbacks.

Call audio quality is good, I don’t hear any complaint from the other party. Bear in mind I don’t think there’s a? noise reduction, meaning it will also pick up from the surrounding. For your information, the left earphone is the master. you’ll notice that the right earphone will charge faster than the left, it’s only mono during a call (only the left earphone will work). Cobble mentioned that this is by design and safety feature to make you aware of your surrounding.


There are few flaws from the sound impression but considering the price of this wireless earphone and other feature, I don’t want to be over critical. Overall the sound is acceptable to me and the bass is good enough to accompany me during daily commute and workout but not if I want to hear an immersive music experience.

The earphone itself provides freedom, good fit and stay on your ear during exercise. lightweight and sweat proof as well. Connectivity is stable most of the time, rarely I encounter connection drop or pairing drop from the left and right earphone other than what I’ve mentioned before. Build quality is okay but I feel it need to be improved.

A pretty compact casing is another feature that I like from Cobble. It’s lightweight as well and providing a good power supply to the earphone even though the earphone itself can only last for 3.5 hours. I would also to see auto on and connect once the device is taken out from the casing.

Overall, I like Cobble Pro True Wireless Earphone, it’s offering wireless experience without any cable at an affordable price at USD 49.99. I would not hesitate to recommend the Cobble Pro to anyone that looking for an affordable and decent wireless earphone. I would love to see what Cobble could do in the next version. head offer to Amazon or their website for more information.

If you are not fan of in-ear type and like the Apple EarPods, take a look at the Sprout from THE COOPIDEA. Full review THECOOIDEA Sprout Review Wireless Earphone at here.

Cobble Pro Wireless Earphone

Product Name: Cobble Pro

Product Description: True Wireless (TWS) earphones without any cable hanging on your neck.

Price: 39.95

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock



There are few flaws from the sound impression but considering the price of this wireless earphone and other feature, I don?t want to be over critical. Overall the sound is acceptable to me and the bass is good enough to accompany me during daily commute and workout but not if I want to hear an immersive music experience.

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