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In the Crypto world, private keys are your coins. anyone has your private keys has your coins. This is where a wallet such as Cryptosteel come into the picture.

That’s the digital world problem if you use an online digital wallet that store your private keys. if someone able to hack into the database and somehow decrypted it, say goodbye to your coins.

This happens in the past and history repeat itself. Please be mindful that two-factor authentication is not a guarantee. One of the examples is the recent hack “Hackers steal over $40 million worth of bitcoin from one of the world?s largest cryptocurrency exchanges

That’s where a cold wallet is the most primitive and IMHO the most secure way to keep those private key offline. The least accessible, the better, certainly from the internet.

Talking about primitive, don’t ever write your private keys on a sheet of paper, you don’t want to end up like this epic story “I FORGOT MY PIN?: AN EPIC TALE OF LOSING $30,000 IN BITCOIN

That’s where you need an Indestructible Crypto Wallet. With Cryptosteel, your most sensitive information is both hacker-proof and safe from the elements. There is no third party involved in keeping your recovery seed safe. Let’s dig in the Cryptosteel review.


The overall experience is like unboxing a piece of fossil. the design has a hint of primitiveness and a hint of the dinosaur age, pretty interesting design I would say.

At the back, is the manual on how to operate or set up the Cryptosteel wallet. Please spend some time and read it or skip it if you feel adventurous and want some challenge.

A warning to open with care! you don’t want that heavy wallet drop on your feet. My overall experience, it’s like opening a himitsu-bako (Japanese Puzzle Box), a packaging full of mystery.

What’s Inside? you’ll get the CryptoSteel wallet and the letters. My version is the  Cryptosteel Mnemonic.

The Cryptosteel Mnemonic set contains one double-sided stainless steel Cryptosteel cold-storage wallet capable of holding 24 four-digit mnemonics total, as well as over 245 uppercase letter tiles, optimised and part-randomised for maximum ease of use and security. Blank tiles are included to facilitate three-letter mnemonic words.


The quality is really good, it solid but don’t except it’s scratch proof. It’s very durable and made from 304 grade stainless steel offers the ideal combination of strength, heat tolerance and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Even in marine environments, where 316-grade steel is often selected for its extra resistance to corrosion, the bolts, screws and cogs, which require maximum resistance to both corrosion and wear, are made of 304-grade stainless steel. And of course using steel from Germany needs no explanation.

The heat within a building fire is dependent on the type of fuel, building construction and environmental factors, but generally temperatures hover around 1500?2000 degrees F.

A Class 350-4 strongbox can keep paper documents intact for a minimum of 4 hours with temperatures up to 1,093.3?C/2,000?F outside the vault.

Cryptosteel has even a higher standard. It’s fireproof up to 1200?C / 2100?F. Cryptosteel beats fire-resistance Class 350-4.

The cryptosteel opens like a swiss army with its twisting mechanism by turning it counterclockwise. Those two holes on the top left and right exist for extra security, you can put a lock over there.

12 words on each side with total 24 words to be installed.

You need to install the individual characters. there are two locking mechanism that you need to open.

First, open the screw on top by turning 90 degrees or with another creative way by using the letter tile to turn it! – thanks Felix from Cryptosteel for this tips.

Second, you use your fingernail or a coin to bring down the lever and open up the side.

Then you can start putting those adorable tiny letters into the wallet.

I like the double locking mechanism, you don’t want the letters to explode out upon a strong impact.

Talking about those tiny letters, it’s nicely arrange in the box. it’s easy with the “map” to find out the letters that you need. After finish installing you can warp back the letter box with a plastic warps but it’s recommended perhaps to destroy / keep it really safe because there’s a possibility to draw out the seed from the remaining pieces. Throwing away the unused letters is not necessary. Cryptosteel letter sets are partially randomized to prevent some do this vector attack.


With the standard that the Cryptosteel has, including the 304 grade steel (Fireproof, waterproof and shock proof) there’s no doubt it’s not only secure but it’s nearly Indestructible.

At the asking price of $99 for the Mnemonic version is a reasonable amount to hold the key to your cryptocurrency coins. Don’t compromise for a lifetime investment.

It’s important as well if you want to pass on your crypto as a inheritance and you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your next generation will be able to have that.

CryptoSteel addressing both potential common issues (especially paper wallet) by keeping the seed safe from the digital world and natural disaster.

Another think that you can use this for is to keep your master password for your password manager. A good way to pass this master password to your loved one after you pass away.


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