ESR iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review

The edge to edge iPhone X OLED is a beauty but it came with a cost: USD279 if you need to replace the screen. To protect it, a tempered glass screen protector is the way to go.

How good a tempered glass screen protector depends on several factors and lets us see whether ESR iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector can perform well.


Apart from the standard tools such as alcohol wipes, cleaning cloth and dust remover, a frame for installation is a life saver! there’s also a certificate to show that this has been QC-ed.

It?s not a standard yet but it?s gaining momentum, ESR includes one of this nice looking blue frame for you to snap and the rest is just so easy. Installation less than 5 minutes.

Preciseness I would say it?s 90%. I think it would be hard to achieve 100% preciseness but using the frame provided it?s pretty close and way much better than without.

I like the sticker for dust removal, dust stuck pretty well and it doesn?t leave any mark. I like when a company takes notice in small things, believe me, there?s a lot of other product provides sticker that leaves a glue mark on the screen, that?s a pain cause it?s a never-ending cycle: sticker – mark – wipe – dust – sticker – and so on.

Overall I?m pretty happy with the installation

Screen Cutting

Screen cutting is pretty critical to me, ESR cutting is pretty accurate. The tempered glass screen protector is wider than the screen but too bad I can see a rainbow effect near the notch and at the sides of the screen.

The rainbow effect in the notch is pretty obvious but the good news is that during daily use I don?t see it because when you tilt it in a viewing angle it?s not visible.

For the sides even though it?s not that obvious but it?s still there no matter where you tilt it. Too bad I can?t show the rainbow effect here, I?ve difficulties to capture it with my camera.

It will be interesting to try out their full coverage screen protector. I tried different casing and I can say that it will be compatible with most of the casing out there.

Glass Quality.

ESR tempered glass screen protector is pretty smooth to use, I like it. This is also important as iPhone X depends on the gesture so swiping should be smooth and responsive.

Touch response is good. I don?t have any issue with the 3D Touch. After installation, I don?t see any bubble.

ESR mentioned that The oleophobic coating will last at least for a year. The coating is pretty good, less fingerprint. On the other hand, I find it it?s a bit difficult to clean it up against oil. normally when the screen has smudge because of my oily fingers, I just need to wipe it once with my cloth but for ESR often time need to wipe it twice with a pretty strong pressure.

Clarity, the display is still sharp and clear. I don?t have any problem so far with the clarity. Durability or the screen hardness is pretty good as well, so far I don?t have any scratch or crack even though I often put my phone display facing the surface / on the floor.


Overall I?m pretty satisfied with the ESR screen protector apart from the rainbow effect and it doesn’t repel oil very well. For USD 8.99, you?ll get two screen protector and the installation kit. If you need more information you can visit ESR website or buy the screen protector from Amazon. if you think you need more you can go for 3 packs USD 10.99.


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