HIFIMAN TWS 600 REVIEW – The Encounter

HIFIMAN TWS 600 Review The Encounter. HIFIMAN design is pretty unique and futuristic, somehow the design and grey color reminded me about the Alien in the Alien Movie.

Not just about the looks but the technology definitely is Alien: Topology Diagram Drivers with nanoparticle coating and 490 (150 meters) feet range of connectivity.

The packaging box has a nice combination of the black and blue color scheme, it’s sturdy and offers good protection. You could see the little note about “Amazing sound quality only with HIFIMAN Topology diagram”, TWS 600 has the same technology driver as HIFIMAN premium IEM such as RE2000.

When you opened the box up, you’ll see a nicely put earphone and the casing protected by the foam as the padding. The storage case looks like The Ovomorph – Alien Egg. The earbud has an LED and will change color (blue/red/pink) according to the status.

My first impression on the HIFIMAN TWS 600 design, the earbud looks a little bit bulky and I’m concern about the fit. Trying it out I’m surprised by the great fitting and isolation even with the default tips. it’s very comfortable and secure.

HIFIMAN TWS 600 operation and connection is seamless, from taking out the earbuds till it’s connected to my device. I’m not a fan of a mechanical touch button for true wireless because whenever you press the button it will also put pressure to the ear and forcing the tips to go deeper to the ear canal, sometimes I need to readjust the earbud after I pressed the button.

For the connectivity, so far I don’t have an issue with the lip-sync / latency issue while watching movies/YouTube, this is great as one of the weaknesses of true wireless earphone is the latency that creates the lip-sync issue.

HIFIMAN TWS 600 sound impression, immediately you’ll notice the airy and wide soundstage that it has. it’s quite interesting because it’s rare to find even IEM with the cable under $200 to have this openness.

The bass sound a little bit subtle, treble a little bit hidden and the emphasis is on the mid. Overall it sounds boxy but I will not judge it too quickly even there’s a special note mentioning that I need to let it burn for a little while.

If you decided to get this Alien technology, you can get it from their space ship directly U.S.S HIFIMAN or U.S.S AMAZON (with additional $5 off coupon) and during this special season you’ll get an extra earphone RE600/RE600S randomly.


FULL REVIEW is HERE and read till the end and you’ll find a tips on how to get HIFIMAN TWS 600 Discount and quite a lot – as per 12 September 2019 – hurry up before it’s gone. Go here to find out about the HIFIMAN TWS 600 discount.

Declaimer: This is not a HIFIMAN TWS 600 full reviews it?s a quick impression. please wait for a couple of light-years for the full review (it will only take a week or two with the Alien Technology)

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