HIFIMAN TWS600 Review The Full Encounter

Read the first impression: HIFIMAN TWS600 Review if you haven’t. we are going to take a look at the HIFIMAN TWS600 into the details.

HIFIMAN has been around since 2007, they are getting famous because of the planar headphone. HIFIMAN is not a new player for headphones and IEM but the true wireless earphone was a welcomed surprise.

What’s make the HIFIMAN TWS600 interesting is the design, technology (Topology Diaphragm, transmission power) and the tips!

Meeting with HIFIMAN TWS600 is like encountering the Alien with its interesting technologies.


The packaging is attractive with the combination of the red and black color. Cardbox packaging is pretty tick and it’s good to have to provide extra protection to the earphone inside during shipping.

At the back of the packaging, there are interesting features that HIFIMAN TWS600 has. You’ll find about the stable connectivity (10-50 meters), Sound quality, IPX4 rated, Ergonomic design, call & music playback capability, and Voice assistant support.

When you open the box, you’ll see a small note about: a workaround on how to make calls in noisy environment and important note that you need to burn the earbud about 10-20 hours for maximal performance.

The earbuds and the case are nicely placed on a foam. when I saw that immediately it reminded me about the movie: Alien. The TWS600 casing looks like the Ovomorph – The Alien eggs.

When you lift the foam, don’t forget to turn it around because you’ll find the HIFIMAN Limited warranty card with serial number. HIFIMAN TWS600 comes with a 1-year warranty. Apart from the warranty card, you’ll find the user guide as well.

I’m someone who doesn’t like to read the manual and go straight to action but It’s important to read the user guide, you’ll help yourself in the long run. Without reading you’ll not know that HIFIMAN recommends to maximize battery life, disconnect the USB cable after the charging is done, HIFIMAN recommends using the original Type-C USB cable because the maximum input should be 5V/1.5A.

On the bottom of the case, you’ll find the USB-C charging cable (60cm) and eight pair of ear tips to choose from.


  • HIFIMAN TWS600 Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Eight pair of Tips
  • USB C charging cable
  • User Guide & Warranty card


Let?s take a look at the Ovomorph a.k.a the HIFIMAN TWS600 charging and storage case.

The casing shaped like an egg with smooth exterior and grey in color. The shape makes it easy to hold.

Material is made of plastic and light. The design doesn?t look cheap and slightly different than other company because of the oval egg-shaped, other brands will likely go for a rectangular design.

You?ll the USB-C port at the side to charge the casing. The HIFIMAN TWS600 doesn?t support wireless charging.

The flip-top casing is using a magnet to close and open it. The magnet is strong enough, you don?t have to worry that it will open accidentally inside the bag.

Opening the case without looking, often time I tried to open the wrong side, that?s because the hinge is slightly larger than the opening sidebar naturally I?ll go and tried to open the bigger side.

The four-dot battery indicator is shown inside the case. it’s difficult to see the battery level without opening the case. on the other hand, it’s easier to monitor the battery level every time you put the earbuds on the case.


Earbud made from plastic it’s lightweight and the contour fit the ear just like in-ear monitoring. even though the shape is a little bit “fat” but it’s comfortable.

the outer part, facing away from the ear has a swirl transparent pattern, it’ll glow with an led beneath it. There’s a little hole and that’s the microphone.

One thing that impressive about the HIFIMAN TWS600 is the fit, it’s comfortable and you don’t have to adjust here and there to get a nice fit.

The selection of the tips also helps to get a perfect fit. HIFIMAN is pretty generous on the tips, you’ll even find a double flange ear tips. My favorite so far it’s the white soft silicone tips, it’s very comfortable and soft.

With IPX4 rating and the good fit, you can bring these earbuds for running or exercising. Even when you are using while doing body combat and HIIT exercise it won’t fall out as long as you have a good fit.

It’s a good build, doesn’t look cheap but I’m expected a little bit more of the premium feeling and build like Sony WF-1000XM3 at this price range.


when you take it out from the casing, you’ll hear the notification from the earbuds “Power on, TWS connected, connected”.

  • “TWS connected” notification – confirm the connection between left and right.
  • “Connected” notification – confirm the connection between TWS and your device.

The funny thing, it seems that they have different voice between “TWS connected” and “connected”, I like the voice from the “TWS connected” more than the other.

At the middle, you’ll find a button to control the earbuds. Operation is pretty simple:

  • Press once to pause the music, press again to resume play
  • Double press to control the volume (left double press will reduce the volume, while the right increase the volume)
  • Triple press for next/previous track

Even though the response to control for HIFIMAN TWS600 is pretty responsive but by design, the issue that I’ve with button control instead of touch control: it’s uncomfortable to the ear when you press the button because it will put pressure on your ear canal and often time I need to readjust the earbud.

During my testing at the basement (with a lot of cars) the connectivity didn’t hit the advertised 150 meters (140 feet) distance. I managed to get 60 meters (within line of sight, with a couple of pillars) connected to my iPhone X, it’s pretty impressive. With my DAP xDuoo, I managed to get 40 meters before it’s starting to drop. Inside the house, I managed to get 15 meters with wall and wood door in between.

The Bluetooth strength is impressive, it’s stronger than other true wireless earphones that I’ve tried. Just a little remark that the performance depends on the environment and also the Bluetooth chip on your device.

Battery life is good for about 5.5 hours +. My standard for the battery life is 5 hours, more than 7 hours is excellent. Total with the case, you’ll get 38 hours playing time.


HIFIMAN TWS600 has a Topology Diaphragm, the same driver technology that they have on their IEM. The ?Topology Diaphragm? refers to a diaphragm with a special Nano particle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of the coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern and the compound used, the thickness or geometric pattern sound wave formation can be manipulated to achieve the desired audio effect and control. The result is a more natural and detailed sound than what is typically achieved with True Wireless earphones.

One must remember that this is a true wireless earbuds, HIFIMAN TWS 600 supports SBC and AAC codecs but it doesn’t have AptX. Even though they may have the same driver but it can’t really be compared with their wired earphone, for the freedom there’s something that need to be sacrificed.


The HIFIMAN TWS 600 has been burned for 15+ hours. You can read the HIFIMAN TWS 600 initial impression here.

At the bottom end, you?ll not hear the bass that you normally get from a v-shaped sound signature.

Orinoco flow – Enya at 1:49 you can hear those lows coming in softly, it?s there I’ll perceive this as lacking thump and rumble.

Playing Love Lockdown – Kenya West reveals that even the emphasis is not on the lower end but it?s able to deliver a quite accurate note at the lower region, you can hear the difference of the three beats on the loop starting from be beginning of the song.

The good thing is that it has texture on the Low but it?s difficult to bring out the experience that excepted from songs that required ?fun? in the lower region.

Mids are forward, playing like Angel – Sarah McLachlan, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress – Radka Toneff you?ll notice the emphasis on the mid-range and upper mid-range, vocals are forward.

When two voices come into play like Lucky – Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat. When they start harmonizing together and Colbie hit a higher note, it?s overshadowed Jason’s voice. The upper mid and highs are a little bit too aggressive.

On the highs, it?s has a good sparkle without overpowering it. I don?t hear any sibilance. Listening to la Vida es Bella – Gloria Terricabras opened a fresh experience with the prominent tambourine sound. I appreciate the crispness that TWS 600 could deliver.

HIFIMAN TWS600 is very airy with a lot of space, I?m amazed that this could be achieved with true wireless earbuds, the drawback, of course, the subtle bass.

The soundstage is quite a width on both vertical and horizontal, to date HIFIMAN TWS 600 has the widest soundstage compared to other True wireless that I?ve tried. Hearing lullaby- Bond reveals a good separation between the instrument


Listening to a movie, latency is very important to avoid lip-sync issue. sometimes I still experience some latency watching Netflix (yes watching Alien movie, what else!) normally turning it off and on again will get the TWS 600 back to shape.

Experience watching action movie where there?s a lot of phasers zipping around and explosion in an intergalactic war I would say it is not immersive enough because of the sound signature that?s is more neutral.

While watching a drama with a lot of soft music with the background tells a different story, the conversation is clear.


The call can be heard by the other side with a little bit of noise, while what you hear feel like hearing a voice in a big room (but no echo). Quality, I would say it’s passable.

I also noticed a faint persistence noise when nothing is playing, it’s faint but it’s there. Comparing to another True Wireless earphone such as Astrotec S80, I don’t hear that faint noise/humming on the others.


HIFIMAN TWS 600 at USD199 offers a very unique listening experience with an airy, good separation and clear highs leaning towards neutral/flat sound signature. TWS 600 perfect for instrumental, classical, slow pop, musical and even Jazz to an extent.

It may not for everyone, especially if you like a warm sound signature or basshead. Songs that required tempo, bass and thump like rock songs may difficult to be lifted with HIFIMAN TWS 600.

Even though there’s no fault on design and build but perhaps what lacking is the feeling of premium earphone and some advance feature that you get from other manufacturers such Sony WF-1000XM3 or Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0, like wireless charging, noise canceling and supports for a better codec such as AptX.

Should you buy HIFIMAN TWS 600? yes if you like a neutral sound with light bass. Perhaps is a no if you are looking for a warmer and more “safe” sound signature. At the end, HIFIMAN TWS 600 has a special place among the true wireless market with its neutral and bright sound signature.

You can purchase HIFIMAN TWS 600 from their official website or Amazon. Limited Offer: You may get TWS600 only, RE600s/RE400/RE800 silver combo randomly.

HIFIMAN TWS 600 Discount 2019. If you are looking for HIFIMAN TWS 600 discount for limited time as well there’s $55 voucher in Amazon!

  • ACCESSORIES - 7/10
  • BUILD & FIT - 8/10


HIFIMAN TWS 600 at USD199 offers a very unique listening experience with an airy, good separation and clear highs leaning towards neutral/flat sound signature. TWS 600 perfect for instrumental, classical, slow pop, musical and even Jazz to an extent.

It may not for everyone, especially if you like a warm sound signature or basshead. Songs that required tempo, bass and thump like rock songs may difficult to be lifted with HIFIMAN TWS 600.

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