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Something interesting is going to be on Kickstarter! If you remember about the Aromatic inhaler review, you’ll know that Zero Degree is behind the product and Zero Degree is going to introduce NiteLanding Lamp in Kickstarter.

Zero Degree is a creative consultancy in Singapore that does creative works and design services for major international clientele like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and lot others.

Have you ever stop breathing because of the breathtaking aerial night view from the airplane’s windows? I’m sure you do! the NiteLanding will capture that moment and put it by your side every night.

NITELANDING? lamp is a decoration art with a detailed 3D city map with more than a thousand illuminated LED of buildings and street lights. Style your home in the day, and experience your night landing view at night.

Nothing special? think again, more than a thousand LED to light up the building and street on the map.

You may mount it on the wall or have it free standing on its own.

I personally think this would be a great gift for your father or grandfather or anyone that appreciate art for the National Day or event a birthday present.

If you take a look closer at the map, you’ll notice that the map is not a flat 2D but instead, it’s a 3D map.

The Dimming function with the dimmer that enable to control the luminosity of the lamp.

The kickstarter campaign going to be released at the end of July 2019 or August 2019 and you could choose one of the maps that are available. There will be 30 famous city maps available to choose, like Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, Newyork & others.

Insider tips! if you are thinking to buy really subscribe on it because you could get up to 40% discount only for the first 100 order. the map will start from 90 USD onwards.

Another good stuff that you need to know. You can personalize ?light up? message which makes the NiteLanding Lamp a personal gift for the recipient and this personalize ?light up? message is only available in Kickstarter and not in retail.

We will do another review in details in the future if we could get hold on of the map. for now you could go to for more information and don’t forget to subscribe the mailing if you want to get the 40% discount.

Note: the promotion and feature listed here is true at the time of the writing, NiteLanding lamp has the rights to change the term and condition of its promotion without informing us.

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