Oriveti New Primacy Review Hybrid Triple Drivers

Before we continue with the Oriveti New Primacy review, just a side note. What we’ve right here is their newer version of Oriveti New Primacy. New sound tuning, construction (inside), and the 8 wires braided cable.

Oriveti is quite a new company, founded in 2015. Oriveti aims to deliver a brand with new ideas to emerge.

We believe ORIVETI is ready to excite and impress listeners across the world.

Oriveti New Primacy Review

Oriveti New Primacy is their flagship IEM (In-ear Monitor) or earphone with Triple Drivers Hybrid. Two Knowles dual Armature Drivers and an 8mm dynamic driver.

Oriveti New Primacy Review Unboxing

The square black box is pretty large and sturdy, It has a simple design overall with an exclusive feeling. The logo “Hi-Res Audio” on the bottom left is certainly eye-catching.

At the back of the packaging, you can see how Oriveti constructs the triple drivers inside the metal shell. Apart from the construction diagram, you’ll see the accessories and specifications at the back of the packaging.

One thing that I like is the Oriveti logo, somehow it has a very nice font and it made the O logo stucks on my head. According to Oriveti, they wanted to create a unique brand

The experience opening the Oriveti earphone is like opening a box of jewelry. the earphone was placed that look like a heart shape displaying the beauty of the metal body construction and the 8 braided cable.

You’ll also see the 1-page quick guide. It offers pretty good information such as how to plug/unplug the MMCX cable, inserting the earphone, what not to do and other information.

When you open the next layer, you’ll see all the accessories presented in order. The wide selections of tips, flight adapter, 3.5mm to 6.5mm converter, ear hook and the leather case.

The drawback is that the box is a little bit large and heavy. putting the weight and dimension aside, It’s certainly a pleasure to open an exclusive box like what Oriveti offers.

What’s included?

  • Oriveti Triple hybrid Earphone
  • 8 wires detachable cable
  • leather carrying case (genuine leather)
  • 3 pairs of white transparent silicone tips (S, M, and L)
  • 3 pairs of black silicone tips (S, M, and L)
  • 2 pairs of foam tips (M)
  • 2 pairs of double flange tips (M)
  • Flight adapter
  • 3.5mm to 6.5mm converter
  • 1 pair of Ear Hook
  • Quick guide

Oriveti Review: Case

Round casing with genuine leather. the leather is black in color, with red stitches around on the top and bottom case. The stitching is tight and the leather cover is well made.

You can see the Oriveti word printed on top. the leather is smooth and I’m pretty sure it will age very well. the leather is tough, I ran my fingernail and it didn’t leave any scar.

The casing is light and offers good protection. There’s a thick layer in the middle layer than envelope the whole case making it sturdy.

Space is spacious and I had no issue putting the Oriveti New Primacy IEM inside the case. you can also put a couple of tips as well inside the case.

The inner part is soft and I’ve confidence that it will not scratch the new primacy metal body. This is certainly a significant upgrade compared to the previous case version (round metal casing).

Oriveti review: Cable

The cable is 8 braided wires with a 3.5mm straight jack connector.

The 3.5mm jack is gold plated. The rest of the Connector is made from plastic. For the strain relief, Oriveti design offers good protection between the connector and the cable so it will not easily break. The connector is a bit longer than usual.

The cable?s outer layer is made from a kind of soft rubber. It has a nice feeling when I touch it. There is no plastic cover at the end of the MMCX connection to shape the cable over the ear.

Ear Hooks

The cable is very flexible and easily follow the curve in your ear. In case you need more than that you can use the ear hook (included as an accessory). The cable is stunning it’s really easy to fold and use, it does not easily tangle as well. the flexibility of the cable is the best that I’ve encountered so far.

During the normal use: walking, standing, turning and sometimes a bit of running for catching the bus I don?t hear any annoying rustle or thumping (microphonic) while listening to songs. I believe the flexibility of the cable does help with the microphonic reduction.

The Y split is a little bit too far not your normal breakout. even though I feel that it’s too far down there but you can still control it with the small adjustable slider.

Oriveti Tips Review

  • Wide selection of tips.
  • 3 pairs of white transparent silicone tips (S, M, and L)
  • 3 pairs of black silicone tips (S, M, and L)
  • 2 pairs of foam tips (M)
  • 2 pairs of double flange tips (M)

I see a slight difference in the transparent silicone and black silicone tips. I think transparent silicone is slightly harder and wider. somehow the black fit on my ear better than the transparent silicone.

the foam tips are too wide for me, I’ve difficulties putting them in. the quality is not as good as Comply tips. I think it will wear off faster than comply. I think it’s better that Oriveti could include Comply tips rather than two foam tips of the same size.

I don’t have any luck with the double flange tips as well, perhaps if it’s a smaller size it would fit in my ear. it would be really good if small size is included as an option.

in the end, I settled with the black silicone tips (M) even though it’s not perfect but it’s the best fitting among the others.

The variety is there but too bad the sizing is not. Perhaps adding different sizing for the foam tips and flange tips in the future will help some people like me 🙂

Oriveti New Primacy Build and Design Review

I think I’m in love with the metal body construction. It has the logo and the wording Oriveti on the left and right side of the outer shell. I think it’s nicely done since the typography is good in the first place. The inner part has the shell marked with R and L

the matte black color has a smooth surface, robust and I don’t find any rough edges around it. The design and contour are excellent, the aluminum body is created by a CNC process. CNC is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools.

the body has a slim and light profile, I’m still wondering how Oriveti managed to fit in one dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers into the shell.

The MMCX connector is covered with gold. I don’t have any difficulties plug and unplug the cable into the MMCX connector.

Oriveti has a wide nozzle (standard sizing) with a metallic filter. It has some lip at the edge of the nozzle to hold the tips. It was a struggle initially to put in and out the different type of tips but it gets better when you do it with patience.

It has a small (venting) hole in the inner part to release the pressure for the dynamic driver . Even though there’s a venting hole but I can’t hear the driver flex almost every time when I inserted it to my ears.

driver flex is when you put on your earphones in your ear and the air pressure pushes against the driver’s diaphragm causing it to flex and make a cracking noise.

The driver flex is a little bit annoying because I need to really put it really slow and carefully because I’m afraid that someday it will damage the driver. Even with this super gentle care I heard the flex about 90% on the both unit.

Some people say that driver flex will not damage the driver but I just want to be little bit careful on that statement.

New Primacy Review – Sound Impression

Orivet New Primcy Review: BASS

pretty surprising here that the bass is well controlled and not overpowered which often happen when you put a dynamic driver into the quotation.

listening to XX Fantasy – you can hear the advantage of a dynamic driver. it gives a deeper thump on the lower and upper bass, which seldom a full BA could deliver the same thing. It emphasis a little bit on the upper bass.

Orinoco Flow, I appreciate the reproduction of the bass in this song, I can feel the sub and it’s able to produce the bass naturally. ??????????????? by BENI shows that it has a good attack and fast decay with a good bass extension.

Listening to One Foot – Walk the Moon, I like the texture and the feeling of the bass, you don’t feel it’s overpowering the mids. To find balance, this is what’s Oriveti managed to do instead of focusing on the amount.

Orivet New Primcy Review: MIDS

Vocals are forward and center for both male and female. listening to a couple of musical songs like Audition from La La Land – Emma Stones, All I ask of You – Josh Groban, etc it’s able to deliver a natural vocal.

It has a bold representation on the midrange. I feel that because of the forward mid, it affects the separation a little bit. in the lower part, it’s blend pretty well with the bass.

with its boldness, clarity and transparency are great. I think this is the first thing that you’ll notice and appreciate.

with the forwardness and boldness in the mids, it’s not overwhelming the bass and treble. It does surprise you a little bit but after hearing it for a while you’ll appreciate it. it’s just a different flavor in the sound signature.

Oriveti New Primcy Review: Treble

Born, Never Asked – Laurie Anderson, reveal a good control on the treble (hear that violin). Scratching on the bible belt – Rain Tree Crow, clarity on the treble is great with a little bit of sparkle.

Sibilance is well controlled. it’s a non-fatigue IEM, I can listen to it for hours without any problem.

Orivet New Primcy Review: Spatial

Soundstage is a little bit below average, it does offer an intimate sounding.

Separation is a little bit lacking, I think that couldn’t be helped with the configuration that focuses on the forward midrange.

Oriveti New Primacy is sensitive to the source, have you heard about garbage in garbage out? if you give a good source to New Primacy, it will not disappoint you but if you have a bad source it will emphasize the bad especially the hiss at the higher frequency.

then how about the source if it’s coming from a handphone? tested with iPhone X with the original 3.5mm converter and I don’t find any issue with it.

Oriveti New Primacy Review Summary

it’s a beauty! I love it even before I had it on my hand. the build and design don’t disappoint me with the price that they are asking.

Fit could be a little bit a problem if you have a small ear canal. the changing tip could be a challenge but I don’t think you’ll do this often once you found the correct tips.

Oriveti need to improve and eliminate the driver flex. At this price range, this really disappoint me. I didn’t have a change to review another unit whether this is a common issue across Oriveti New Primacy, so this is something that you need to consider whether it’s acceptable or not for you.

The cable is another strong point, it has the premium look and also does sound good. Almost forget about the genuine leather case, it’s really a nice accessory considering that others normally will include plastic / a can.

Granda – Penelope Cruz gave me goosebump with that whisper. I think Oreviti able to nail the hybrid configuration by not giving too much amount in the bass, forward mids, and smooth treble.

Oriveti managed to harness the advantage of the dynamic driver while minimizing the disadvantage of the hybrid configuration setup.

Oriveti New Primacy VS B400

$100 dollar difference, is this a worthy upgrade from B400. I would say Yes! even though it’s 4 drivers (B400) vs 3 drivers.

New Primacy has better and deeper bass. Much more fun sound with the boldness in the mid-range (you may have a different opinion depends on your appetite) and easier to drive even with your handphone.

While B400 may win a little bit because it has a comply tip but the new primacy has a wider selection including double flange tips. Oriveti New Primacy offers a better cable and leather case.

IEM fitting, New Primacy is a beauty. B400 has a good design and a better fit than New Primacy. B400 is even better if you’ve got a small ear canal, I’m pretty sure that you’ll get a good insert. on the other hand, New Primacy has a wide nozzle, the fitting could be a problem for some people.

Final say If you are stuck with the budget $200 go and get B400. B400 it’s really good and has a better fit within the $200 price range. But if you have the choice, go for New Primacy.

As with my other recommendation, always try to do an audition to check the fit and whether you like the tonality. No matter how good it sounds without good isolation and fit on your ear it’s useless.

Oriveti New Primacy Rating

Product Name: Oriveti New Primacy

Product Description: Oriveti New Primacy is their flagship IEM (In-ear Monitor) or earphone with Triple Drivers Hybrid. Two Knowles dual Armature Drivers and an 8mm dynamic driver.

Price: 280

Currency: USD

Availability: LimitedAvailability

  • ACCESSORIES - 8.3/10
  • BUILD - 6.5/10
  • BASS - 8.5/10
  • MIDRANGE - 7/10
  • TREBLE - 8/10


it?s a beauty! I love it even before I had it on my hand. the build and design don?t disappoint me with the price that they are asking.

Fit could be a little bit a problem if you have a small ear canal. the changing tip could be a challenge but I don?t think you?ll do this often once you found the correct tips.

Oriveti need to improve and eliminate the driver flex

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