Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 8 plus Case Review

Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2nd Generation?iPhone 8 plus Crystal Clearreview.

Spigen casing is a pretty well-known brand for iPhone case. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2nd Generation Crystal Clear iPhone 8 plus is actually the same case as the iPhone 7 plus. there’s a few millimeter difference between those two phones.

Spigen is offering in this Ultra Hybrid 2nd Generation iPhone 8 plus? The Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 combines a shock-absorbing flexible bumper to maximize defensive feature.

The crystal clear back designed to preserve the original look of the phone without yellowing over time. Corners are guarded with Air Cushion? Technology that takes all the shock from everyday impacts.

I doubt that the yellowing will not happen over time as it promised but let’s test it out and I’ll post the Spigen case picture again after few months.


The air cushion doesn’t add any bulkiness to the case and it’s been drop-tested and meets MIL-STD 810G-516.6 (it’s dropped tested at a 48-inch /1.2 m height, 26 times) sounds like a marketing gimmick as the height is not that high. From my experience, I dropped it from about a meter height and it’s survived well.

The casing has a slim factor while offering protection, at the front part it has a slightly raised lip to protect the screen. Bear in mind that this will only offer protection on a flat surface, that’s why it still recommended that you put a screen protector.

when you put flat on the table, the camera will not touch the surface because of the raised rear guards placed on every corner on the rear side.

You can see the raised rearguards at the corner, one thing that I dislike about hybrid 2nd generation is that the hole at the bottom rear on each corner, I really don’t understand why there’s a hole there other than it will attract dust and dirt. Perhaps it’s the air exhaust for the air cushion technology at the corner.


Compared to cheaper crystal clear case protector, Spigen has a better quality in terms of the TPU quality and the fit. I just hope that it will not turn yellow over time like the cheap case protector.

I like the casing, it’s a combination between simplicity and protection, It has precise cutouts and fit the iPhone 8 plus very well.


It has responsive buttons. the feedback when you click the button is pretty good. I’m able to switch the silent button mode easily. At the bottom it has a pretty wide opening, I don’t have difficulties inserting my Verbatim lighting cable as well as the original lighting cable.


If you are looking for a crystal clear case protector, I don’t hesitate to recommend Spigen iPhone 8 plus Ultra Hybrid 2nd Generation, it offers a slim profile with a decent protection and affordable price. the only drawback is that the two holes at the bottom rear which will attract dust and dirt over time.

Currently, it’s priced at $11.99 at Amazon for both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, with quite a number of color selection such as black, red, mint and rose crystal.


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