TIN HIFI T3 REVIEW – The Metal Shinning Can

TIN HIFI (TIN Audio) is pretty well known in the budget ChiFi (China HiFi). The T1 and T2 earphone quality and price entry were well received by the audiophile community.

They have a pretty interesting philosophy:

In ancient times, the Chinese people formed a three-tone system that defined three types of sound: Tianlai, or the sound of the Chinese Zither, Dilai, or the sound of Earth (birds, rivers, sea, etc.), and Kunqu, the sound of the human voice. In order to deliver a truly groundbreaking audio quality, we attempt to accurately recreate these three fundamental types of sound. This allows us to recreate music in the most natural way without introducing any artificial colorations to the sound.

Without further ado here is the TIN HIFI T3 review, start with the unboxing.


TIN HIFI T3 comes with a glossy white box, very clean and simple design.

The Chinese characters translate as “Everyday Listening” and the written word made in PRC means “People’s Republic of China”

I opened a lot of box in my life and sometimes it’s difficult to open the box not mentioned that sometimes I opened the wrong side and somehow tear it vigorously out of a rage 😀

I love how TIN HIFI put a clever instruction on how to open the box with the little tab marked with open at the right side.

I really appreciate if a company put an extra mile to think about the user experience.

A leather box with a TIN HIFI logo and a small transparent window showing the beauty of the T3 greeted me. The blue and white theme with a touch of leather feels is simply one of the best boxes that I’ve ever encountered for IEM under $100.

Opening up, you can see the T3 was placed neatly with an interesting placement to showcase the T3 earphones.

Under the TIN HiFi T3 earphone you’ll find the accessories, surprisingly enough that there’s no case included. In my opinion, it was the right move, generic black zipper case will bring the whole image down but a simple and elegant pouch could boost the image.

What’s Included?

  • T3 Earphones
  • MMCX 3.5mm Cable
  • Foam tips (2 pairs)
  • Silicons (6 pairs)
  • Manual

TIN HiFi T3 Eartips

By default, the TIN HiFi T3 attached with the foam tips kind of like a comply tips in white color.

The foam tips came with two sizes, the quality is inferior compared to comply foam tips. It’s a little bit sticky and I don’t think it could last as long as the comply.

I tried the medium and large foam tips but didn’t manage to get a good seal with either one of them. I feel like they are lacking the density to seal completely.

One thing that I like about foam tips is the color! it’s really matched with the metal casing of the TIN HiFi T3.

The black silicon tips reminded me about the Sony legendary tips. it’s smooth and provide a good seal.

The grey eartips, I think this is the one with solid core matched my ear pretty well. So far the grey tips are my favorite among all of them.

TIN HiFi T3 Cable

The color combination between silver white and gold reminds me of the Albino Burmese Python. Design matched the earphone pretty well.

Both the snake and the cable are equally beautiful. Soft but flexible with 8core OFC (Oxygen Free Cooper), Silver and Gold plated.

The cable has MMCX connectors and 3.5mm audio jack with 1.2-meter length.

Tin’s logo engraved on the Y-split with an adjustable transparent plastic sphere. the sphere stays whether you push it down and up which is great.

The 3.5mm gold plated jack design looks like a Swarovski crystal pen. If the jack is a metal matte color that would be a perfect match with the IEM.

They are tagged with L and R on each side. To remember easier which side connects to which color just remember R is for Red and L is for bLue.

Build quality for the connectors feels solid on the jack and MMCX connectors.

Build quality for the braided cable feels too flimsy but perhaps that’s just my preference.

The silver cable delivers a clean sound without any noticeable noise. The cable gives a cooler sound signature with leaner bass. The quality (sound) of the cable is above average compared to other cable included in the IEM under $100.


TIN HiFi T3 body enclosure made from metal with MMCX connector. T3 was constructed precisely with CNC tech (Cutting metal with computer precision).

T3 designed to be used over the ear. T3 has a classical design and has an industrial feeling because of metal finishing.

I appreciate the fact that there is no logo or name of the company or model printed on this. I’ve seen a lot of ChiFi printed their logo or text and really affecting the aesthetic. Instead, they have the logo printed on the Y split.

This little metal can have a very good build material quality and finishing, I apologize if I was skeptical before.

The real earphone when you hold and look it on your is completely different than looking at the pictures on a website.

Another surprise that I had, even though it’s a metal but it’s lightweight. There’s no issue staying on my ear all day long.

TIN HiFi T3 Vent
TIN HiFi T3 Vent

Something unique about the TIN HiFi T3, there are dual side vent on the front and back to maximize the PU+PEK dynamic diaphragm which required air and release pressure in order to deliver a good sound. By not confine the sound, I believe that the soundstage will be improved as well by these vents.

there is no driver flex thanks to the vent no matter how is the position/speed when I plug T3 to my ear.

Because of the design and shape of the casing, sound isolation is good, it can block noise and you don’t have to bump up all the way to the max.

Because of its compact size and lightweight, it fits pretty well on my ear with the correct tips. Some IEM has a weird shape and takes a while to put them on. With T3 I could pretty quickly put on my ear without any problem. TIN HiFi T3 is one among the best fit under $100 price range.


TIN HiFi T3 has a Knowles balanced armature drivers and a dynamic driver.

Overall sound signature is neutral with emphasized towards the bright side.

The soundstage is wide, placement of instrument reveals a good positioning with above the average separation.


The lows are fast and with not too much punch. TIN HiFi T3 has a good attack and short decay.

It’s controlled pretty well and doesn’t cloud the higher frequency but still delivers just enough impact in the sub-bass regions.

You can hear the details in the lower frequencies layer. it really rare (in the budget earphone region) that I can hear layers in Oricono Flow – Enya, Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee and November Rain – Gun and Roses.


Sweet sound mids, it’s smooth like candy and revealing a lot of flavors.

Vocal for male and female are equally good and presented pretty well in Lucky – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. The Mids has a solid body, detailed and a little bit forward.

Listening to I Know Him So Well – Elaine Paige, Instrument and vocal are well balanced from the beginning when her voice is emphasized and even after more instrument joined at mark 1:24.

Overall the mids have a good balance sense of balance with the help from the lows resulting in a clean mids.


The upper range of voices, instruments and cymbal hits is sparkling bright – a bit too much I would say.

The treble is sharp, this will either make you love or hate it. Give yourself some time to adjust to the sound, even when my ear is not adjusted yet, I didn’t feel any fatigue listening to it for a while.

Sibilance, the “s” and “th” sound are very noticeable. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia really tore me aside because of the sibilance and sharpness.

For the sibilance that produced by TIN HiFi T3 might be acceptable for some but for me, I’m pretty sensitive for this and sound pretty harsh while hearing Come Around Soon – Sara Bareilles. lowering down the volume does help to tone down the sibilance.

It’s great for all sort of music from classical to rock. very suitable for listening to pop music. Star Wars Main Title – John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra never sound so live, engaging and revealing before with other budget IEM.

Overall, it has a very good technical capability mixing dynamic and armature driver. it sounds balance, good separation, great clarity but with sibilance as a trade-off.

SUMMARY – TIN HiFi T3 Review

TIN HiFi T3 Review

I’m pretty impressed with TIN HiFi T3 with its solid construction & build with great well-balanced sound (bright).

TIN HiFi T3 able to deliver a sound above it’s asking price USD 69. Never mind with the lack of the case (who needs a low quality anyway) it is well compensated with a wide selection ear tips and solid 8 cores silver plated MMCX cable.

Something that can put off this IEM is perhaps the upper frequencies that could be too sharp and present of sibilance. Which at the end of the day really boiled down to your preference.

Don’t jump quickly to a conclusion when you first hear this with your own ear, give it some time for your ear to adjust and the IEM to open up and it will get better.

TIN HIFI T3 able to break the barrier of budget earphone standard without breaking your wallet.

TIN HIFI T3 able to break the barrier of budget earphone standard without breaking your wallet.

For more information please visit Linsoul official website. You can purchase TIN HiFi T3 in their official website (free worldwide shipping) USD 69.99 or Amazon at USD 68.99.

TIN HiFi T3 Review Rating
TIN HIFI T3 Review

Product Name: TIN HiFi T3

Product Description: Designed to produce an accurate and refined sound signature by utilizing the technology of the included Knowles Balanced Armature along with a PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm. Tin HIFI T3 will not only give an accurate sound but also unmatched soundstage at its price point

Price: 68.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

  • ACCESSORIES - 8.25/10
  • BUILD - 9/10
  • BASS - 9/10
  • MIDRANGE - 9/10
  • TREBLE - 7.5/10


TIN HiFi T3 able to deliver a sound above it’s asking price USD 69. Never mind with the lack of the case (who needs a low quality anyway) it is well compensated with a wide selection ear tips and solid 8 cores silver plated MMCX cable.

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