Yamaha YVC 1000 MS Review

Yamaha YVC 1000 MS? (YVC-1000MS) review. This is not your ordinary audio gadget review. The combination of speaker and mic is designed for an audio conference equipment.

Ideal for medium and large spaces, this intuitive communications system features a separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing. Designed to support 2 external speakers and 5 daisy-chained microphones, it?s the perfect scalable solution for accommodating larger meeting rooms and additional participants.

Yamaha has two different version for this conference audio: YVC-1000 and YVC-1000MS. they support Bluetooth and USB connection, ability to daisy up to 5 Microphones and 2 output for external speakers. Auto-tuning function to optimize the acoustic setting.

The difference, YVC-1000MS is their newer model and certified for Skype for Business, extra buttons on the speaker (Hang up button) and probably the HVAD (Human Voice Activity Detection) to minimize background noise during calls.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Control Unit (YVC-CTU1000) x 1
  • Microphone (YVC-MIC1000) x 1
  • Power cable (3 m) x 1
  • USB cable (5 m) x 1 Type A to B Male
  • Microphone cable (5 m) x 1 (Cat 6e LAN cable)
  • Quick Start Guide x 1

Yamaha YVC-1000MS Design and Build

Yamaha design to put this device on the table which is actually good for a stand-alone system as an audio conference. You just need to connect your PC which has Skype for business via the USB and voila you have got a full set of speaker and mic system.

Of course, you can place it near the wall under the TV but it will look weird because of the round shape. Just imagine that with me that you put this round speaker under the display.

A good speaker design should blend them together, like most of the soundbar which come in a rectangle and long shape. Again I think Yamaha design this to put the speaker on the table.

If you are looking to combine this with a video conference system such as Skype Room System v2 or other video conference system, you may not like this design. the optimal design for such a setup is where the speaker is mounted on the wall.

With putting the speaker on the wall, you may need to consider how the cables will run. one USB to your device (if it’s Skype Room System like Logitech Smartdock, Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500) and one microphone cable from the speaker (which is on the wall) back to cable.

Take a look at another conferencing speaker that Yamaha has which exactly for this purpose CS-700 .

CS-700 may not be optimal as well if you have a large room because the of microphone picks up and non-tracking camera (which makes the people at the back row virtually not seen by the remote participant).

The build quality is very good. Most of them made from plastic but it looks nice. the microphone is round, a little bit big and thick compared to another microphone table like Polycom or Shure microphone.

At the back of the speaker, you’ll find

  • Power terminal
  • USB port
  • Microphone port
  • External speaker connection
  • Audio output
  • Audio in

On top of the speaker you’ll find the buttons or the physical control center:

  • a power button
  • volume +/-
  • volume level indicator (green LED)
  • call button and indicator
  • bluetooth button and indicator
  • NFC logo

On the microphone side

you’ll see input and output terminal and on top, you’ll see the mute / unmute button and if your microphone is not working make sure that you insert the cable in the correct port.

YAMAHA YVC-1000MS Features Review

By default Yamaha YVC1000MS comes with one microphone, you can expand this with a daisy chain configuration up to 5 microphones in total. In this configuration muting/unmuting one microphone will affect all of them.

Single USB connection is great, nowadays peripheral comes only with USB connection. one USB connection for both speaker and microphone is the real advantage of this device. you’ll not find very often 5 microphones + 1 speaker that can be connected with a USB cable. If you know please let me know that would be an interesting device to consider for a video conference room.

It packed with a lot of voice technology:
HDAV Human Voice Activity Detection, Microphone Array Control, Adaptive Echo Canceller, Noise Reduction, and Auto Gain Control

Yamaha has a unique Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD)
capability used to detect human voices. ?HVAD? is an important element of several
different sound processing features that require fast and efficient sorting and helps
minimize background noise during calls.

Microphone array control automatically tracks a person who is speaking
This technology automatically tracks the direction of the speaker’s voice using a location detection function. Instead of responding to any random noise, it only collects human voices.

Our test: it supposed t eliminate other unnecessary sounds like keyboard typing but during our test, it does not eliminate the keyboard typing.

The Adaptive echo canceller removes echoes generated when microphones pick up speaker-reproduced sounds. This function process sounds of up to 20 kHz to create a smoother conversation between two parties.

Our test: I think the echo canceler works pretty well, I don’t hear any echo from the speaker back to the microphone. Make sure that the speaker and microphones are at least 1 meter away.

The noise reduction function reduces or eliminates unwanted sounds such as those from projectors and air conditioners. Constant noise is removed from ambient sound picked up by the microphones to ensure listeners hear only clear voices.

Our test: Ambient noise is still picked up by the Yamaha, example like people talking from outside the conference room. I didn’t really test whether the Yamaha able to remove the noise from the projector or air con.

Auto gain control adjusts the volume to suit participants at different distances from the microphone. Optimizes the volume for loud and soft voices picked up through the microphone. Reduces volume differences at the end of the line caused by differences in distance or voice volume.

Our test: works pretty well, I tried walking around to a different corner and the listener mentioned that they don’t hear any difference which is great! the auto gain control works.

Yamaha YVC-1000MS Sound Quality Review

The output volume is loud as well in a room with dimension 10 x 7 meters. I don’t worry too much about the sound output because you can always add another pair of speaker to bump up the output.

the sound quality is good for the conference, for music nope. it’s heavily customized for an audio conference.

Emphasis will be in mid and upper range with clarity. For music listening the tonality is bright. the sound wholesomeness is too thin for musical representation.

A microphone is really sensitive which could be a good thing or bad, it will capture keyboard typing sound, pen dropped on the table, and etc.

The Yamaha YVC-1000MS Review Summary

The Yamaha YVC-1000MS open a new way to set up an audio system which can be connected to other video conference system in a simple way, just a USB connection. You don’t have to use an additional mixer or DSP (Digital Sound Processing) with this setup which makes thing really really simple.

The technology does help to make sure that the remote participant can hear you clearly. the technology is embedded inside the speaker unit and that’s where the DSP (Digital Sound Processing) located. Not 100% what Yamaha mention is working well, example like only capturing human voice and eliminating voices like keyboard typing, etc doesn’t really work.

One of the drawbacks is when you are trying to connect this to a video conference device example like the latest skype room system (Logitech SmartDock, Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500, Polycom MSR) you may need to think where to put the speaker. Speaker placement below the display may look weird because of the shape of the speaker.

I would be very happy and recommend this a value for money if it does come with two microphones. Too bad it does come with one microphone.

Don’t forget to consider an extra microphone. I tested with a 10 meters cat 6e cable and it works pretty well without any significant audio quality reduction.

If you are looking for a home speaker, take a look at BOSS SoundTouch 10 Review would be a perfect match for you.

Yamaha YVC 1000 MS Review
  • ACCESSORIES - 7/10
  • BUILD - 8.5/10
  • FEATURES - 9/10


The Yamaha YVC-1000MS open a new way to set up an audio system which can be connected to other video conference system in a simple way, just a USB connection. You don’t have to use an additional mixer or DSP (Digital Sound Processing) with this setup which makes thing really really simple setup.

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