Zero Degree Dazzling Aromatic Herbal Inhaler Review

I love listening to music. it brings pleasure through the sound and melody. But I often forget that music is just one of the five senses. Because of that, I’m more than happy to review the Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler.

Zero Degree Inhaler contains a unique blend of pure herbal extracts. It was formulated to refresh our minds, relieve stress, and also beneficial for soothing motion sickness. Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler provides Aromatherapy on the Go. It has all-natural ingredients, 100% pure herbs without any chemical.

Welcome to the world of the smell that could provide revitalization for the body and mind. Your experience may be enhanced better with some good warm IEM such as Westone W40 🙂

Interesting history about the company: Zero Degree is a creative consultancy in Singapore that does creative works and design services for major international clientele like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and lot others.

Aside from that, Zero Degree ran internal projects in the studio on developing conceptual products, seeing the nature of the project that could benefit a lot of people around the world, they went further step & participated and won the prestigious ‘iF Design Awards‘ in Berlin back in 2015.

In 2016 ZERO DEGREE launch the first product; ‘Aromatic Herbal Inhaler’ on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and the campaign was successful and won international recognition.

Zero Degree Inhaler Unboxing & Review

The design of the box is simple with enough information. At one side, it listed the indications and Ingredients.

On the other side of the box, there’s a drawing on how to use the inhaler. There’s a small interesting logo as well, showing that it won Design Award 2015. at the bottom of the box, there’s manufacture and expiry date.

The inhaler comes with attractive design and color, mine is blue and the other color are grey and orange. at the bottom, you can see some herbs from the blue translucent container.

the tube design is pretty easy to use. just twist to expose the hole, inhale and twist it back to close it. it takes less time to use it, pretty useful if you are in hurry or need to use it urgently and you don’t want to attract attention.

According to Zero Degree, the container is food grade quality & we have gone through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification.

The inhaler is a little bit bigger if you compared it with traditional inhaler like Vicks inhaler. the design and look are way much better than the traditional inhaler, no wonder it won a design award.

Zero Degree Inhaler Ingredients

The main ingredients for Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler are menthol mixed with other herbs such as eucalyptus oil, Mint leaves, Cinnamon (cinnamon), Myristica Fragrans, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, and some other stuff.

the life span of the product is gauge based on period rather than a numerical figure of the number of inhalation. As the scent for Zero Degree will mature & recede over time.

if it remains sealed, the product will expire in 3 years from manufacturing date. (the date stated beneath the box)

Once the seal is open, a typical usage period would stretch from more or less than 1-4 months. On a lesser frequent usage, the aroma may remain longer than that.

As the ingredients are derived from natural botanical sources, the aroma will gradually fade over time as Zero Degree refrains from adding additives/ synthetic substance that could prolong its life span.

Are these safe for pregnant or nursing Mom? it’s best to check with your doctor first before use.

My Experience

Ease of use, that’s the first thing come into my mind. I don’t have to worry that you misplace or drop the cap. the modern design also gives me more confident to use it in the public area.

I also like that all the ingredients are 100% natural without any preservative, the menthol and the smells remind me of Chinese herbs. the menthol is not as strong as the traditional menthol inhaler which is a good thing.

Let’s check my experience towards their promises. “Enhance and stabilize mood” while I don’t feel that my mood being stabilize but I feel more relax so the “create a feeling of relaxation” is true for me. “Improve Focus” is the result of relaxation and as an overall effect it will “revitalize body and mind”.

“Clear breathing” is certainly true for me, I’ve sinus and it helps me a lot to clear the nasal passage. With a single inhaled, it gives me relief for up to 30 minutes.

Not too sure about “Delay your next Nicotine” as I’m not a smoker. I couldn’t test “relieve motion discomfort” and “relieve nausea discomfort” as I’ve none at the moment.

Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler

Tested and I’m enjoying it. your experience may be different depending on how sensitive you are to the smell stimulation.

The combination of the ease of use design and ingredients does deliver the relaxation and fast relief to your nose.

I really prefer Zero Degree Aromatic Herbal Inhaler compared to the traditional inhaler.

The deal breaker perhaps it’s the price, selling at 19 USD or at 26 SGD could be a little bit pricey if you compare it with the traditional inhaler. Another concern that I’ve is whether it can really last for a while (Zero Degree mentioned 1-4 months).

Improvement idea: is to create a capsule cartridge and hopefully it could improve its pricing and could last on the shelf longer.

you can purchase these inhalers online through their website or even Shopee.

or you can visit these stores:
Singapore – Naiise @ The Cathay
Singapore – Naiise @ i12 Katong
Singapore – Naiise @ The Star Vista
Singapore – Naiise @ Changi Airport Jewel (Coming soon)
Singapore – Oak Health Chinese Medicine
Thailand, Bangkok – Embassy Diplomat Screens


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